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Smart’OS is a bone substitute combining in both granules or putty a micro & macroporous structure with the well known association of β-TCP & Hydroxy Apatite to enhance bone fusion.


Osteoconductive :
  • Micro & macroporous structure
  • Bone matrix to ensure homogeneous osteoblats colonization
Osteoinductive :
  • 40% β-Tri Calcium Phosphate
  • 60% of Hydroxy Apatite
  • New interface for bone cells and growth
Resorbable :
  • Balance between β-TCP & HA
  • Resoption’s rate similar to bone
Easy to use :
  • Moldable Putty to couple with our interbodies
  • Granules to fille bone voids of defects
Comprehensive range :
  • Smart’OS Putty in 1 / 2,5 or 5 mL serynge
  • Smart’OS Granules in 10 or 20cc
* Smart’OS Manufacturer

Z.A. Les Quatre Nations
5 Rue Edouard Belin
44360 Vigneux-de-Bretagne

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