The Plus is a premium pedicle anchorage system specially designed for the treatment of all types of deformity. Thanks to the Plus innovative clip closure system with pre-loaded setscrews, it provides surgeons a user-friendly experience in scoliosis reduction and correction maneuvers.


Great freedom and controls in correction maneuvers
  • 20° sagittal mobility of the rod even with monoaxial screws when clip is first positioned
  • Direct control of the vertebra
  • Allows all types of correction maneuvers, from in situ bending to DVD
Ergonomic instrumentation
  • Strong rod reduction and closure in one fluid movement
  • Audible click to confirm good clip positioning
  • No cross threading thanks to preloaded setscrew
Low profile and user focused implants
  • 50° sagittal & 180° lateral axiality for greater freedom
  • 12 references of hooks : pedicle, lamina & offset
  • Color coded screws for quick identification
Solutions for complex constructs
  • Iliac rods and screws
  • Sacral plates and bone screws
  • Fixed or multiaxial transverse connectors
Large array of sizes to perfectly fit patient anatomy
  • Screw diameters from 4.5mm to 8.5mm
  • Length from 20 to 90 mm (depending on screw’s diameter)
  • 6mm diameter rods, in Titanium Ta6v and cobalt-chrome alloy
CE marking : YES
FDA clearance: YES

Plus ® is a class IIb medical device, manufactured by SPINEVISION SAS – France. Plus and SPINEVISION are registered trademarks of SPINEVISION or one of its subsidiaries.
See package insert for labeling information.

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