The Flex +2 system is an innovative sterile rod designed for degenerative lumbar dynamic stabilization or topping off assembly. The Flex +2 is a dynamic device to be implantable whether during a percutaneous approach or open surgeries.


    Dynamic stabilization system
    • Keep the intervertebral height
    • Durable stabilization without fusion
    Patented low profile dynamic rods
    • Dynamic part included in the 6mm diameter rod
    • Implantable through a percutaneous approach
    • No additional surgical steps or specific instrumentation
    Comprehensive range of Ø 6 mm dynamic or hybrid rods
    • Dynamic rod for 1 level in open or percutaneous approach
    • One or two levels hybrid rod for topping off construct
    A true 3D dynamic range of motion
    • Frontal and sagittal plane
    • Transversal plane

    Must only be used with SPINEVISION’s products : Lumis, Ulis and Plus

    CE marking : YES
    FDA clearance: NO

    Flex +2 ® is a class IIb medical device, manufactured by SPINEVISION SAS – France. Flex +2 and SPINEVISION are registered trademarks of SPINEVISION or one of its subsidiaries.
    See package insert for labeling information.

    Find out more about the Lumis system, our MIS pedicle screw system to perform a dynamic stabilization even percutaneous approach



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