The FLEX +2 system is an innovative sterile rod designed for degenerative lumbar dynamic stabilization or adjacent level protection. The FLEX +2 is the only dynamic device to be implantable wether during a percutaneous approach or open surgeries.


    Homogenous and long lasting stabilization :
    • Keep the intervertebral height and preserve the disc
    • Protect the adjacent level in topping off assembly
    • A good solution for a first intention surgery
    Unique low profile dynamic rods :
    • Dynamic part included in the 6mm diameter rod
    • Even implantable through a percutaneous approach
    Comprehensive range of Ø 6 mm dynamic or hybrid rods :
    • Dynamic rod for 1 level in open or percutaneous approach
    • Hybrid rod wether one or two levels to protect adjacent level in degenerative disease.
    A true 3D dynamic range of motion
    • Vertical plane
    • Frontal and sagittal plane
    • Transversal plane

    *Must only be used with SpineVision’s products : LUMIS, ULIS and PLUS

    Find out more about the LUMIS system, our MIS pedicle screw system to perform a dynamic stabilization even percutaneous approach
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