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The Hexanium ACIF cage is a 3D printed standalone cervical interbody system made of titanium. It combines titanium rough surface, high porosity and honeycomb structure. The user-friendly one-step locking mechanism was developed to make the surgery fast.


    Standalone cervical cage with smart features
    • Zero profile cage
    • Integrated one-step locking mechanism
    • Fixed screws: 38° in cranial/caudal and 10° in median/lateral plane
    Osteoconductive design to promote fusion
    • Maximized porosity for enhanced surface areas (optimize the surface area contact with tissues)
    • Rough titanium surfaces for enhanced surface areas (optimize the surface area contact with tissues)
    • Resistance of honeycomb-like structure allows multiple windows for use of bone graft evenly distributed over the device
    Comprehensive range of implants to fit patient’s anatomy
    • 8 heights from 5 mm to 12 mm in 1mm increment. Heights 11 and 12 are not available in European Union.
    • 2 different shapes (wedge and convex)
    • 6° lordosis to improve segmental lordosis for both shapes
    • 3 different footprints « Small » (W15xD12), « Medium » (W17xD14) or « Large » (W19xD15). Footprint L is not available in European Union.
    • Self-drilling screws of diameter 3.5mm or 3.8mm
    Streamlined & ergonomic instrumentation designed to ensure a safe & accurate placement
    • Specific guides for screws positioning
    • Smart distractor compressor system
    CE marking: YES
    FDA clearance: YES

    Hexanium® ACIF is a class IIb medical device, manufactured by SPINEVISION SAS – France. Hexanium, SPINEVISION and its logos are registered trademarks of SPINEVISION or one of its subsidiaries. See package insert for labeling information.

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