The Lumis is a versatile polyaxial top loading pedicle screw system specially designed for Minimally Invasive Surgery. Streamlined and powerful, the Lumis is a good solution for a one level surgery in less than one hour with four small incisions.


    Percutaneous screw placement
    • Easy to use and secured Ø 14.5mm extension
    • +/- 30° polyaxiality
    • Low profile implants
    Comprehensive range of implants
    • Screw diameters from 5.5mm to 8.5mm in 1mm increments
    • Length from 30 up to 60 mm in 5 mm increments
    • 6mm diameter titanium alloy rods, from 30mm to 140mm in length
    Ergonomic and time saving instrumentation
    • Quick and easy extension loading
    • Double lead thread for fast insertion
    • Color coded screws for quick identification
    • Two different solutions for rod introduction
    • 2 types of persuaders (from 16 to 33mm of offset)
    CE marking : YES
    FDA clearance: YES

    Lumis ® is a class IIb medical device, manufactured by SPINEVISION SAS – France. Lumis and SPINEVISION are registered trademarks of SPINEVISION or one of its subsidiaries.
    See package insert for labeling information.

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