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The TLIF is a radiolucent interbody system made of PEEK optima for Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion. With a comprehensive range of implants, the Spacevision TLIF adapts well to the different interbodies spaces from large stature patients to smaller ones.


    Designed to enhance good osteointegration
    • Great graft-to-endplate contact surface
    • Dual chambers for optimal bone graft filling
    • Large lateral windows to maximize vascularization
    Optimal radiological assessment
    • High transparency of the PEEK Optima
    • 3 tantalum markers for positioning checking
    Safe and easy to use
    • Anti back out teeth for strong primary stability
    • Bullet nose for easy insertion
    Comprehensive range to adapt to intervertebral spaces
    • Heights from 7mm to 16mm in 1 mm increment
    • Width : 9 mm
    • 2 different lengths : 26 or 32 mm
    • 20 references to fit all patient’s anatomy
    • From 0 to 10° lordosis according to compression applied

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